Ben Wilmot

Rank 643
Rank 1781
Next Fixture:
Huddersfield Town
Oct 27 ( 5 Days )

La Liga

# Team PL GD P
1 Barcelona 9 +12 18
2 Espanyol 9 +6 17
3 Deportivo Alavés 9 +4 17
4 Sevilla 9 +8 16
5 Atlético Madrid 9 +5 16
6 Real Valladolid 9 +2 15
7 Real Madrid 9 +4 14
8 Levante 9 -1 13
9 Getafe 9 0 12
10 Real Betis 9 -2 12


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Found on our Performance Buzz Statistics table, the Form Guide takes each player's last 5 games and averages their scores. This helps to give an indication which players are in the best current form.

What method do you use to calculate Performance Buzz Average Scores?

When it comes to delivering Performance Buzz average scores we use the data produced by Football INDEX. This means that if a player has made the match day squad, then their score as confirmed by Football INDEX is counted towards their overall total average and statistics.

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