Florian Aye

Rank 676
Rank 2738
Next Fixture:No Data

Europa League

# Team PL GD P
1 Sevilla 6 11 15
2 APOEL 6 2 10
3 Qarabağ 6 -3 5
4 F91 Dudelange 6 -10 4


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How do I register on Footy Index Scout?

To register as a Free Premium user simply click on the Login/Registration button in the top right corner of the home page. Then choose 'Click here for new registration'.

How do I upgrade or create a Premium Membership?

There is no need! All Footy Index Scout accounts are automatically given full Premium level access to our full suite of data tools and features.

Can I login via Twitter, Google or Facebook?

Unfortunately, we do not offer social media integration at this point.

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Are there any fees or costs to join?

No, access to the full Premium suite of data tools is available completely free. All that is required is a FREE account.

Footy Index Scout Features FAQ:

How accurate are the Fit/Injured indicators?

We use a 3rd party Data Feed to bring in all of the Player and Team information, including any injury status. In this instance, any indicators that a player is fit or injured should only be used as a guideline and you should not base any purchase decisions on this data.

What is the Footy Index Scout Form Guide?

Found on our Performance Buzz Statistics table, the Form Guide takes each player's last 5 games and averages their scores. This helps to give an indication which players are in the best current form.

What method do you use to calculate Performance Buzz Average Scores?

When it comes to delivering Performance Buzz average scores we subscribe to the reasoning that if a player has made the match day squad but doesn't feature, his scores should still count towards his overall average score. After all, a player can have a solid average score, but if he only plays 50% of the time, then you only have a chance of winning a dividend 50% of the time too.

We think that only listing averages when a player has hit the pitch is misleading and knowing how many times a player has failed to kick a ball is just as important.

Other Questions:

Is my Footy Index Scout account linked to my Football INDEX account?

No, your Footy Index Scout account is completely separate from your Football INDEX account. No information is shared between either party.

Can you tell me which players to buy?

All purchase decisions must be made by yourself and we take no responsibility for the investments you make.

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Whilst we encourage the knowledge of stats and information when using Football INDEX, none of our content including and not limited to statistics, data or graphical information may be reproduced, re-used or modified without any prior consent. If you use our data to create your own stats or provide information such as on Twitter or Facebook, appropriate credit should be given to Footy Index Scout.

If your data is free, does that mean it is of lower quality or accuracy to paid alternatives?

Absolutely not! Our data is licensed from Football INDEX and we are the only provider to offer this.

We have been collecting Football INDEX data from the very beginning and are the only provider who has done this and continues to do so. We were also the first and original website to offer this data for free to other Football INDEX enthusiasts.

We think our data is presented in clear, easy to understand way that everyone from people who have just started using the Football INDEX to veterans will all find tremendously useful.