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We launched the old Footy Index Scout website back in early 2017 where we were the very first dedicated site to produce 100% Football INDEX related content, stats and help guides. In a relatively short space of time, we've watched the Football INDEX grow tremendously and in doing so, our old site was no longer up to the required task of delivering the kind of statistical information that we had become known for.And so, after many months of work here is a rundown of the new features, tools and resources on offer at Footy Index Scout!Media:Our new Media section is available free for all members. We have combined a number of RSS news feeds to deliver all the latest transfer rumours from around Europe.Inside the Media ....

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What is Footy Index Scout?

Footy Index Scout provides the essential tools and resources to aid your decision making on the Football Index.

Our data is licensed directly from Football INDEX which allows us to deliver full, complete and accurate information.

We use up to the minute data to deliver all the vital information on every player's performance, fixtures and results.

Our complete history of dividend winners and in depth statistics of those winners can help you predict future trends.

We also provide informative help guides, articles and videos that are crucial for anyone using the Football Index.

Whatever your level of investment, Footy Index Scout is here to provide the most up to date and high quality information to help build your portfolio.

What is Football Index?

Football Index is the world’s first football stock market where you buy and sell 'Futures' in real life footballers.

Investing on the Football Index is the perfect place to turn your football knowledge into profit. The price of a footballer's ‘Future’ is determined by demand within the market.

Therefore, the more traders invest into the footballer, the higher their stock rises!

There are two ways to maximise returns. One: Earn daily dividends, based upon media popularity and on pitch performance.  And two: buy and sell futures on the market.

When you feel the time is right to cash in, hit the sell button and take your profit!

The Football Index: Buy players, build your portfolio, collect dividends and sell at a profit!

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