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Posted on 04 February 2020

We recently began a previous news article by saying Football Index are never afraid to try something new. And we can say the exact same thing here with their latest announcement to introduce 'Super Match Days' on Football Index.

This latest bonus promotion could perhaps be best described as being like In-Play Dividends, but using points instead of goals or assists. Essentially, you collect Match Day points for each player over the course of the promotion period. For every cumulative 250 points spread over multiple match days, you earn 1p in dividends.

There are of course a number of finer details which we'll delve into shortly. But it's fairly safe to say that this promotion is designed to breathe life into those players who are often on the cusp of winning Match Day performance dividends, but so often fall short to the likes of Neymar, Messi and Kroos.

Those players who tend to score 100+ points each game but for whatever reason don't manage to put in winning scores of 200+ suddenly have a great reason to consider buying. And of course, those aforementioned Match Day PB score monsters are even more appealing.

Let's look at the full details of the promotion and see exactly how everything works.

The first part to note is that this could be seen as something of a trial promotion with it running initially during the period of 31 January 2020 to 29 February 2020. It also only includes shares purchased during the promotion period, not existing shares in your portfolio.

So how does this all work? The following is taken from Football Index's dedicated information page: "Let’s say Neymar plays and gets 250 Match Day points - you win 250 Super Match Day points for every Share in Neymar you’ve bought this month (and haven’t sold this month). If you’ve bought a Net 50 Shares in Neymar, you’d win 12,500 Super Match Day points. All of your Super Match Day points go into your Super Match Day pot."

You probably have more than just one player eligible though, so all of the Match Day points that they accumulate go into the same Super Match Day Pot. It is this overall combined total number of points that your dividends are paid out on.

Along with gathering a haul of points, there are two other perks with which you can bulk up the pot. Perk One is a bonus 500 points each day that you purchase at least one share. This can be claimed once per day and up to 20 times during the promotion period.

Perk Two gives you 10,000 bonus points each day that you spend a Net £20 on shares. Again, this can only be claimed once per day and up to 20 times during the promotion period.

If this is all starting to sound a bit complicated the below graphic provided by Football Index hopefully helps to make things a bit clearer with how everything is all worked out.

The idea of using Match Day points as another form of In-Play Dividend is certainly a great idea and one that we can easily see being implemented full time later down the road if this trial period is a success.

It does feel a little bit complicated to follow though, especially once you start seeing the large number of Super Match Day points that traders are likely to end up with even trading with relatively small numbers. We would maybe have liked to see this area simplified a little. But It's harsh to criticise Football Index for giving traders yet more value and opportunities to win, especially when just trading as normal will give virtually everyone at least some level of dividend return.

For full terms and conditions of the offer, click on the link below.

Whilst we are on the subject of Football Index promotions, news recently broke that the Footie had broken 150,000 points. This is quite the landmark for Football Index and to celebrate, they are offering 130 cash prizes to lucky winners with 10 of those netting a tasty £500 each.

This promotion is only open between 3 - 4 February. To be eligible, traders simply need to purchase £10 worth of shares during the promotion period. There are no opt in forms or need to register, simply buying the shares will enter you into the draw.

Again, for full terms and conditions of the offer, click on the link below.


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