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Posted on 03 February 2018

Anyone who has used the Football Index for any length of time will already know that Manchester United rule the roost when it comes to bringing home Media Buzz winners. Players such as Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney all have amassed massive hauls of wins - and dividends over the course of the Index.

Only a couple of weeks ago, we published an article congratulating Arsenal on reaching 100 1st Place Media Buzz wins. An excellent achievement indeed and one only shared with Chelsea... and of course Manchester United. However to put things into perspective on just how dominant United have and continue to be so on the Football Index, this article is congratulating the Red Devils on a whopping 200 1st Place Media Buzz wins!

Since the introduction of the first Media Buzz winner back on 3 October 2015 (Sergio Aguero of all people!) United have currently walked away with the top Media player on 205 out of 854 days. That's a ratio of nearly 1 win every 4 days!

So let's take a look at those standout player for United and some others who will be looking to carry the torch over the next 854 days to see if the red side of Manchester can continue their dominance.


Leading the pack is former United and England striker, Wayne Rooney. Having left Old Trafford to re-join Everton, Rooney took with him a gigantic 48 1st Place wins. A number of key elements have contributed to his media prominence. From being England captain to contract disputes and of course his eventual exit to Everton.

The fact that Rooney's career is now very much on the downturn means his Index value has taken a severe dent. Indeed, at a current price of £1.17 he's now dropped out the top 200 1st Team players and thus seen his Media Buzz eligibility taken away too. But there's no hiding that Rooney will always be a Football Index legend and one that has help United to nearly a quarter of their overall number of winners.


If there was one player that Football Index investors wish they could turn back the clock on, Ibra would surely be everyone's first choice. Amassing 40 wins so far during his time at Old Trafford, the incomparable  Zlatan embodies what the Media Buzz is all about.

As a person who could win the Buzz with just a smile to the cameras, there was a long period of time where having Zlatan in your portfolio was considered essential, no matter the cost.

Of course, injuries and age have now put paid to Zlatan's future. Even the imminent launch of Football Index to Sweden is unlikely to deliver the require investment into Ibra to spring him back into the top 200 players.

With United ready to allow Zlatan to leave Old Trafford and a move to the MLS being highly suggested, we've probably seen the last time that Zlatan Ibrahmovic tops the Media Buzz. For us here at Footy Index Scout, Zlatan will always be the true King of the Index.


It may surprise a few people to see that the player with the all time leading number of Media Buzz 1st Place wins only has 30 attributed to his time so far at Manchester United. Long time users of the Index will recall what became known as the Summer of Paul Pogba during his prolonged transfer from Juventus.

And it's this reason that only half of Pogba's 60 all time wins have actually been during his official time as a registered United player. It also shows though that when it comes to high profile players joining United, there is often a huge surge of media interest. We only have to compare with the transfer of Alexis Sanchez to see that this is still very much the case.


So let's start to look more at the United future. After Pogba, the highest placed current United player is Marcus Rashford. After bursting onto the scene late into the ill fated Luis van Gaal reign, Rashford has proven himself to be a media draw.

However, on the pitch it's starting to look somewhat questionable if he's continuing to progress under Mourinho. That said, there's still the World Cup to look forward to where Rashford will surely be a prominent name in the England squad.


As United's lead striker, there is an obvious logic to presume that he could follow in the footsteps of the two biggest names we've mentioned so far. However, to compare the media draw of Romelu Lukaku to that of Wayne Rooney or Zlatan Ibrahimovic is like comparing a puddle to an ocean.

Still, it's not too shabby to have notched up a solid 13 wins so far during his time at United (with 21 in total putting him 12th on the all time list). And with questions starting to appear of Lukaku's ability to spearhead the United attack, there is sure to be plenty of interest in his future.


A potential star in the making for United, Martial has also showed promise when it comes to being a media draw. Arriving at United for a big transfer fee, Martial has thus had a great deal of media attention for several reasons.

As a player who has been at times pivotal and others out of the frame entirely, there is a continued interest in how his Old Trafford career will ultimately pan out.

Currently battling with the likes of Rashford, Sanchez, Lingard and Mata for a starting place, recent weeks has seen him getting the nod. However there will perhaps always be a question mark hanging over Martial and if he can fulfil his star potential.


As the Football Index's highest ever dividend provider, it's no surprise at all to see he's already racked up 6 wins whilst registered to Manchester United. Delivering a run of 18 straight wins during his January transfer from Arsenal, it shows the levels of media attention Sanchez commands - especially when United are adding to the equation.

There is no doubt that for at least the rest of this season, Alexis Sanchez will be the name most likely to crop up on the Media Buzz leaderboard. Whether that be for starring performances or turning in the kind of abject performances that muddied his closing time at the Emirates.

Here is a complete run down of all Manchester United Winners:

*Note: wins stated are only attributed to the player's time whilst registered as a Manchester United player.


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