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Posted on 29 June 2017


Download the free Footy Index Scout Football INDEX Spreadsheet

As many of you know, keeping track of your progress on Football INDEX, be that on buzz wins or player trading can get quite hectic once you've spent a few weeks or months using the Index. So we think the best way to monitor all those lovely stats and figures is by using a spreadsheet.

We created a spreadsheet in early 2017 that proved very popular. However with the advent of triple tier daily Buzz wins and of course the upcoming Performance Buzz, the time has come to give it a huge update and some future proofing.

As before, the spreadsheet is free to download so there's no excuses not to use it!

So let's take a look at what's new and give a quick overview on the key points of using our Footy Index Scout spreadsheet.

General Points

The first sheet shows your current portfolio and will be used to keep track of buzz wins along with buzz dividends. We are classing this as the Advanced Portfolio sheet as you will see shortly. It keeps track of individual position and placing wins for Performance and Media Buzz dividends.

We know that some people may find this huge array of numbers a bit overwhelming or indeed a bit overkill. So with that in mind, we've added a second portfolio sheet where we display just the important information: Overall Buzz dividends and the number of wins.

Next we have the monthly analysis section. Again, we realised this sort of information probably needed its own sheet and this also allowed us to be make the data easier to display.

The following sheet contains the same trading tracker as before, so if you've used our previous spreadsheet, this will be instantly familiar.

Finally we have the two Buzz Tracker sheets. One each for Media and Performance Buzz.

User Guide

Despite the wealth of information this spreadsheet can deliver, We've hopefully made it very easy and straightforward to use. So the first point to mention is that where you see a blank cell coloured in blue, this is where you are required to enter some data. Upon entering the relevant name or number, this will automatically change the formatting to match its surroundings.

Everything else is taken care of automatically, so try to avoid entering anything in those cells to protect the formulas inside.

Portfolio Tracker - Advanced

Here we keep track of all current players in our portfolio. Simply enter the player names into the first column, number of futures currently owned into the second and your cost price into the third.

With that information entered, everything else is taken care of for you! The formulas within then automatically sweep the Buzz Tracker sheet for your players and calculate both the number of buzz wins along with how much they have earned you.

Portfolio Tracker - Basic

To keep things simple and for a quicker overview of your portfolio performance, we've added a basic sheet that delivers just the important information. This table is automatically populated with the information you input into the advanced sheet, so no need to enter data twice! The only caution to keep in mind, is if you add extra rows on the Advanced Portfolio sheet, you'll need to add them on the Basic sheet too in order to retain full synchronisation between the two.

Monthly Analysis

The Monthly Analysis sheet is a great way to keep track of your investment and for tracking growth. At the end of each month entering a few key numbers will show your progress in a variety of areas. We've also allowed for historical data should you have it.

In the first cell, all you need to do is enter the amount of cash you have deposited during the calendar month. For the first month that you use this, you will also need to enter the same number in the box beside it. Subsequent months will total this for you.

Enter your total running investment, which you will find in cell S9 on the main portfolio page. After that you'll start to see your monthly progress take shape.

We think stats like this are important to see, as it really shows how your investments are working for you.

Media and Performance Buzz Trackers

The first thing to note is that we've allowed for users to enter all historical data should you have it available. With that in mind, you'll see we've included a quick jump feature that allows you to navigate between years.

All you need to do on the Media Buzz sheet is enter your player's name and the number of currently held futures into the correct winning position - 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Performance Buzz is exactly the same but of course due to the sliding scale dividends depending on how many matches are being played, you'll need to enter the correct amount into the dividend box.

Trading Tracker

Finally, let's look at the trading tracker. In this section you will keep track of all the trades you make and the profit/loss on each sale. Again, the blue areas are where you need to enter the required data - player name, the number of futures sold along with the initial cost and sale prices.

With those numbers entered, your sale price including commission is calculated with your profit or loss along with a percentage return on your investment.

One thing to note here is that if you sell all futures in a player, then you should also enter the value of his buzz dividends into the relevant column. If however you only sell a portion of your futures in a player, it's best to enter zero so as not to 'double up' on buzz returns.

Final Points

We've also provided quick access to our website along with both our Twitter and YouTube accounts just by clicking the buttons. Remember that our website includes the full and complete history of Buzz winners if you want to check any particular players or dates.

One final tip is something that will be very useful to those switching from our old spreadsheet is the easiest and safest way to  copy your data over:

Open up both spreadsheets along with Notepad, which can be found by simply typing it into your start menu.

Next highlight the information you want to start copying over. For instance, each month's buzz winners. Right click and choose copy or press Control+C. Now the important step is to paste this into Notepad. This will remove formatting from the old spreadsheet, but retain the column separation. Then press Control+a to select all followed by Control+x to cut. Finally in your new spreadsheet, select the starting point and paste with Control+v.

So there we go that just about covers everything. We hope you find using our spreadsheet useful and easy to use. We really encourage keeping data like this as it's easy to lose track of everything especially once you've used the Index for a while and made a number of trades, etc.

Even if you only use parts of the spreadsheet - the daily buzz tracker for instance, it will help to identify those players who are bringing you the best returns or help to decide if taking the profit on a player is a better option.

Download the free Footy Index Scout Football INDEX Spreadsheet

Footy Index Scout Spreadsheet V3 User Guide