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Posted on 04 May 2018

We launched the old Footy Index Scout website back in early 2017 where we were the very first dedicated site to produce 100% Football INDEX related content, stats and help guides. In a relatively short space of time, we've watched the Football INDEX grow tremendously and in doing so, our old site was no longer up to the required task of delivering the kind of statistical information that we had become known for.

And so, after many months of work here is a rundown of the new features, tools and resources on offer at Footy Index Scout!


Our new Media section combines a number of RSS news feeds to deliver all the latest transfer rumours from around Europe.

Inside the Media section, you'll also find quick access to our Twitter feed and YouTube channel.


As you can probably guess, this is where you'll find all of our original and exclusive articles that feature beginners help guides, Football INDEX news, transfer information and much more.

Football INDEX Media Rankings Buzz History:

Providing data on Media Buzz is where things all began and it's still a prominent part of Football INDEX. Data is now displayed in custom built tables that are viewable on any device. We've made things much easier on the eyes and best of all, the data is fully searchable.

We have separate sections for players and teams where can view the full history along with all search and filter options.

Football INDEX Match Day Rankings Performance Buzz History:

As with our Media Buzz section, this gives access to the full complete history along with search options.

Football INDEX Match Day Rankings Performance Buzz Planner:

Keeping track of upcoming fixtures and the players who might be involved can be quite tricky when you're viewing them with the potential to make investment decisions. Our dedicated Football INDEX Performance Buzz Planner is an essential tool for any investor.

The Planner has several great features. 21 day scrolling daily planner displays the potential number of players in each position along with what type of dividend payout the day is. This feature allows you to plan further ahead and see which teams/players have multiple upcoming fixtures.

Along with this, clicking the 'View All Players' button toggles the player list to show the top 50 performing players potentially available on the selected day. We take this further: click on each fixture and it will show all players available on Football INDEX linked to the two teams. Finally, clicking the 'View Form Player' button will toggle the player list into a combined single list in order of the highest average Performance Buzz score.

Footy Index Scout Daily Football Index Fixture Planner

Football INDEX Match Day Rankings Performance Buzz Statistics:

The first of our two fully interactive database tables, this is dedicated to all things Performance Buzz.

The table is initially sorted by the Footy Index Scout Form Guide. This takes each player's last 5 PB scores and averages them out. This gives you a simple overview of the players who are in the hottest form.

Further information includes each player's last score, the number of games played and the number of Top Player and Positional Performance Buzz wins.

Another very useful guideline to a player's long standing performance is the 'Top 5 Average' column. Here we take each player's all time top 5 PB scores and average them out.

On this table we also have handy next fixture data where hovering your cursor over the club badge or date will tell you the team and how many days until the next fixture takes place. Along with this, you'll also find the Playing Status of each player. We use 3rd party data feeds to deliver this information, and you can quickly see if a player is suspected of being injured or fit to play.

All data on the Performance Buzz Statistics table is sortable and has many filter options: by player, team, competition and position. Date filters are also available such as by season, last 30 or 100 days or you can select any custom date range you wish.