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Posted on 06 April 2017

At Footy Index Scout, we've been active users on the Football Index since February 2016. During that time we've seen highs and lows as the Index has grown and matured. We've also built up a very proud reputation for helping new users through giving honest and unbiased advice. With that said, we feel that we're more than equipped to deliver a full and honest review of using the Football Index and tell you why we think it really is the best betting site ever to make money!

 Why think about using the Football Index? 

Have you ever played Fantasy Football and thought that instead of just winning points and kudos amongst your friends for picking out the best players each week, winning money would be even better? You've probably placed bets on certain players to score a goal and whilst they sometimes net  you a win, for the most part you've most likely lost money.

So how about looking at the Football Index? It's essentially a stock market for footballers where investing is the main theme. Just like buying stocks and shares, the value of your players will rise and fall as well as potentially winning a daily 'Buzz' dividend to keep topping up your account. Instead of betting on a player to do something in one game and seeing that bet disappear into a bookmakers hands when lost (or simply returned back to you if you are lucky enough to win), your investment stays alive for however long you choose to own that player. For this reason alone, we think it easily defeats regular betting sites!

 How does the Football Index work? 

Using the Football Index is relatively simple: Use your football knowledge to purchase futures on players who you think will have a boost in popularity either through performances, media attention or transfer speculation. As more people invest into the same player, their price increases and your profit begins to show.

With so many investors now using the Football Index, it's not uncommon to see players receive huge boosts in value within a short space of time. This has made the market a lot more fluid and now offers a very viable method of making big gains.

 How can I make money on the Football Index? 

Aside from player trading, the other main focus of making money on the Football Index is by holding regular Buzz winners in your portfolio. The Buzz works by scouring 20 established news sources for those players who are currently in the First Team of 200 tradable players. At the end of each day, the player with the most Buzz Points wins and for every future you hold in that player, you win a 5p dividend. So for example, holding 100 futures in that player would net you a £5 Buzz win.

The important thing to remember here is that once you've won, your investment is still active. This means that your 'bet' continues for however long you hold futures in them and so if the same player wins the Buzz the following day, you'll win yet another £5!

Consider that a player such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic won the Buzz over 40 times during 2016 and you can soon see how huge profits can be made! A common mistake new investors make is to look at a high buy price of a player like Zlatan and think it's too much for a single £5 return. But of course it's not a single £5 return, it's more likely to be 30-40 times £5. Plus, you still have your investment in the player AND not only that, but as a constant Buzz winner, he will almost certainly have increased in value!

 Is Football Index legit or a Scam? 

A lot of people will ask the question: Is Football Index legit or a Scam? The answer is a resounding no! With so many great ways to make money on the Football Index, you may be wondering where the catch is and if it's some kind of scam! But rest assured, Football Index owned  by BetIndex LTD who are licensed by the Jersey Gambling Commission and by the UK Gambling Commission. This means you have the full security offered to you by all other betting operators.

 Are there downsides to the Football Index? 

We're honest enough to say that the Football Index is not perfect. Despite its huge growth, there are still ways in which the user experience could be improved. But with fairly regular updates to both the desktop website and mobile applications, they are certainly moving in the right direction in this regard. The biggest drawback to using the Football Index would be that a knowledge of football in general is quite important. Whilst a simple bit of research would give you a great understanding of regular Buzz winners, trading players often requires having your finger on the pulse of potential transfers and other important news.

 Should you sign up to the Football Index? 

If you like football, enjoy investing and seeing your money grow then we think the Football Index is the perfect place to put your knowledge into action! Now is also a great time to get involved as Football Index are offering new customers the chance to sign up and trade up to £500 with a money back offer for their first week by using our special sign up link below.

We know that starting out using the Index is by far the hardest part as you are often trading with much tighter margins than once you have become established. So with that in mind, remember that you are welcome to ask us for any help or guidance you might require. We have had great feedback from other new investors saying they found our video guides on YouTube useful and really helped them on their way! Check them out here

Remember that your initial gains may be slow but keep at it, don't panic! The Football Index is a fun and exciting way to invest your money with superb returns on offer.