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Posted on 12 July 2020

Football Index have constantly strived to improve their platform and their latest announcement to increase dividends along with introduce completely new ones is yet another step in the right direction.

In this update, we’ll look at all the new dividends and the increases.

First up, let’s start with the increases to existing dividends. If we take a look at the graphic provided by Football Index, we can immediately see a host of increases to Match Day and Media dividends. Media Days have received a 1p increase for first place to 6p whilst second and third remain the same.

On Match Days, Bronze Days have stayed at 2p for each position and star player respectively. Silver Match Days meanwhile have been upped by 1p for each position bringing them up to 5p. And finally, Gold Match Days have seen each position bumped up by 2p bringing them to a very juicy 10p.

Alongside these increases comes the big announcement of Goalkeepers finally being given their own separate category, splitting them away from the very crowded defenders position. Dividends for Goalkeepers are being introduced at 1p, 2p and 3p for Bronze, Silver and Gold Match Days respectively.

Whilst these dividends are much lower than the other positions on Football Index, it is nice to finally see this much requested feature introduced. It should also be noted that the goalkeeper dividend will not officially be introduced until the 2020/2021 season.

Goalkeepers getting their own dividend was not the biggest announcement however! That acclaim went to the exciting news of the brand new ‘Team of the Month’ dividend.

Team of the Month will see dividends paid out on the top overall point scoring players each month based on their cumulative top 3 scores. The top performing player in the outfield positions will receive 10p, followed by 3p, 2p for the next highest defenders and forwards with an additional 1p going to the 4th highest placed midfielder. The top goalkeeper will also earn 5p in dividends. It should also be noted that whilst the dedicated goalkeeper dividend will not be introduced until next season, they are eligible for Team of the Month dividends from July.

This 1-3-4-3 formation is set firm, meaning that even if players from other positions had higher points totals than the 4th placed midfielder, they would still miss out.

Again, this is a feature that we’ve seen requested often by traders and gives another ‘Fantasy Football’ concept to the Index that some users may feel more familiar with. It also potentially rewards those players who are often consistent in returning a good average number of points but who often fall short of claiming the top spot on any given match day.

And of course, those players who do rack up the points and also claim Star Player dividends should prove to be even more valuable in this system!

Team of the Month has been introduced with immediate effect meaning all points currently earned during July are counting towards the end of month total.

In terms of game rules, all shares purchased before the 23:59:59 on the 21st of each month are eligible provided that you still own them at the end of the month. Dividends will be paid out on the second working day of the following month which should mean July’s dividends will be paid out on 4 August.

Team of the Month also has a minimum requirement of five Match Days completely in a calendar month in order to be activated.

We’ll be publishing weekly updates to the current Team of the Month top ten standings, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

Other details released are that the dividend deadline has been pushed back by an extra hour from 3pm to 4pm GMT. This allows traders to take in the first half of 3pm kick offs and weigh up the situation.

Staying on the theme of time, Football Index also announced a change to when dividends are to be paid out. Match Day, Media and In-Play dividends will now be paid out between 9am and 11am the following day. This is to allow for any issues to be taken into account such as incorrect media scores or updated Match Day scores if OPTA revise any player scores.

Those canny traders who are taking advantage of zero commission on Matching Engine bids will also be pleased to know the zero commission introduction period has been extended to the end of September 2020.

Finally, it has also been confirmed that In-Play dividends will remain in place for next season with the same dividend structure as is currently in place.

Overall, this has to be seen as a positive announcement by Football Index. Whilst there were some users who had hoped for a larger increase to Match Day dividends, any increase is always welcome. And whilst it may not be a tiered Match Day dividend that many have asked for, the introduction of Team of the Month goes some way to filling this gap.

For more information, full terms and conditions, FAQs and updated game rules, follow the link below to view Football Index’s official announcement.