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Posted on 15 May 2020

Order Books! For a long time, we’ve been given numerous updates from Football Index that order books were high on the agenda to introduce. Their partnership with NASDAQ was a key moment in making that happen and now they have announced their new ‘Matching Engine’. This can be seen as a ‘mini’ version of what will soon become the new method for users to trade on Football Index.

Let’s take a look at what this will include and how it will work.

Currently the ways to buy or sell players is very simple: buy at the price displayed, sell at the price displayed. With the new Matching Engine, traders will now be able to ‘bid’ on shares at a price they choose. For that price to be accepted it needs to be matched by other traders who are happy to instant sell at the price being offered.

Let’s use the example of how this works in practice directly from Football Index:

Let’s say you want to Buy 100 Shares in Odion Ighalo. Each share is priced at £1.85 - but you think you can get him for a lower price. Bids are powered by other Traders’ Instant Sells, and Igahlo’s last performance wasn’t strong, so you’re predicting a slight sell-off.

Rather than Buying 100 Ighalo Shares at £1.85, you place a Bid on 100 Shares at £1.70. The funds are taken from your balance straight away.

There are now three possible outcomes:

1, Bid Matched: Other Traders Instant Sell enough Shares at your Bid’s value. Your Bid is successful and 100 Ighalo Shares are dropped into your Portfolio for £170.

2, Bid Partially Matched: Some of your Bid was Matched with other Traders’ Instant Sells, and you got a portion of the Shares. Let’s say 50 Shares of your Bid were Matched - you’d receive 50 Ighalo Shares. The remainder of your Bid will stay active until it’s Matched or it's Cancelled.

3, Bid Cancelled: Your Bid isn’t Matched, and no Shares are purchased. Your Bid remains Unmatched until it’s Cancelled, and we’ll refund you in full immediately on Cancellation. Bids don’t expire, so they’ll need to be Cancelled actively.

As a safeguard, all players will have a ‘Bid Zone’. Again, let’s let Football Index explain in full:

Each footballer will have a minimum price for which you can place a Bid. This will vary for each footballer, and will initially be around 60% of the Buy Now price. There will also be a maximum price for the Bid which is one penny below the Buy Now price at the time of placing the Bid. The price range that you can place a Bid on is known as the Bid Zone. You won’t be able to place Bids outside the Bid Zone.

The current market buy and sell structure will still remain meaning you can still buy players directly at their current market value and you can sell via the market sell queue. This is set to remain at least until further Matching Engine releases.

An important point to take note of is that the instant sell feature is now in the hands of other traders. If there are no bids on a player, then there will be no option to instant sell.

Another key point is that bids are subject to a 2% commission fee. It’s important to keep this in mind when placing a bid to ensure that it is at least a 2% saving on the player’s market value. However, whilst traders get used to the new system, bids will be commission free until 31 July 2020 to give traders the chance to try everything out.

It will be very interesting to see how traders get on with this new system. There is no denying that a large proportion or traders have been eager to have order books on Football Index for a long time and see it as an essential upgrade to the platform. But there are also plenty of traders who are unfamiliar with the system and perhaps could be wary of how it works.

We’re sure though that Football Index will have plenty of training videos and information to ensure that no one is left uncertain about any aspect of the new trading methods.

The new system is due to launch within the next two weeks.

In other news, the much-publicised return of live football is scheduled to take place in Germany on Saturday 16 May 2020! We hope that everyone involved will remain safe and healthy and that this will lead to other leagues being able to resume.

This also means that Match Day and In-Play dividends are finally back on Football Index and combined with Top 5 Media also taking place, traders could be in for some bumper returns if their players perform well!

For more information on the new Football Index Matching Engine click on the link below to visit their dedicated information page with more details along with terms and conditions.