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Posted on 25 January 2019

We thought it was time for an updated Football INDEX new users and beginners help guide. But instead of writing paragraphs of information that can soon get tiresome, we've delivered this in a Football INDEX A-Z glossary of terms. With this method, it's easy to find the piece of information you are looking for, plus it's all in bite size chunks that are straight to the point. Inside the guide from Adam Cole to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, you'll find details on all the various Football INDEX dividends, rules, methods to contact Football INDEX customer support along with general tips, advice and helpful information. We hope you will find this useful and if there's anything that you think we should add, let us know!

A is for:

Adam Cole

Founder and CEO of Football INDEX. Adam can be followed on Twitter @AdamColeFI


If you've ever wondered how Media Buzz Ranking points are awarded, AFINN-111 is the answer. This is a word list based on a system called Sentiment Analysis which assigns each word a point score between -5 and +5 based on their perceived positive or negative meanings. We have produced a much more in-depth article on this subject at:

Age Verification

When you first sign up to use Football INDEX, you will almost certainly receive a notice within the first few days that you need to verify your age in order to continue trading. This is a standard legal requirement for gambling platforms and is quickly sorted out with Football INDEX customer support after you submit your identification documents.


A great way to quickly judge if a player is a good Match Day Rankings player is to view their overall Average Performance Buzz score. Averages also relates to the overall average cost of players in your Portfolio.

B is for:

Balance - see Cash Balance.


Whilst it is often assumed that trading on the Football INDEX is an investment due to the length of time in which you can hold Futures in a player, it's important to note that this is officially classed as placing a bet - the bet being against the future value and Dividend Yield of a player.


Occasionally, Football INDEX will offer certain bonuses such as a Deposit Bonus. In this example, Football INDEX offer a percentage bonus based on deposits and spends made during the bonus period. These events often see a large increase in Player Trading.


The German domestic league competition eligible for Performance Buzz dividends.


A key component of using the Football INDEX. When you buy Futures in a player, you are essentially 'betting' against the future value and Dividend Yield of that player.

Buy Price

Traders will often refer to their Buy Price, which is the average price at which they purchased Futures in a player.

Buzz - see Media Buzz; Performance Buzz; In-play Dividends.

C is for:

Cancel Sell

If you change your mind about selling a player listed on the market, you can cancel the sell order. On the desktop website this is clearly marked in your portfolio with a pink 'Cancel' button. On mobile, this isn't clearly indicated. To cancel a sell order on mobile, swipe left from the right side of the screen. This will bring up a cancel button.

Cash Balance

Your available cash balance to purchase futures in players. It should be noted at all Dividends earned are automatically deposited into your cash balance.

Champions League

Competition eligible for Performance Buzz dividends from the Group Stages onwards. Quarter Final stages onwards are automatically given Triple Performance status.


Football INDEX receive 2% commission on all sales. Keep this in mind when viewing the profit/loss shown in your portfolio. An easy way to calculate your true sale value is to multiply the price by 0.98.

D is for:


With a trading platform like the Football INDEX, there is plenty of Data to go along with it. Stats and analysis provide an excellent method of identifying trends and can help make certain decisions easier. Footy Index Scout pride ourselves on being the original home of Football INDEX Data and offering all of our Premium Data Product services completely free of charge to everyone.


You need to deposit funds in order to make purchases. The minimum deposit is £10.

Deposit Bonus

See - Bonuses

Dividend Deadlines

The cut off times vary for different Dividends. For Media and Match Day Dividends, the cut off point is 2pm GMT. Futures purchased after this time will not be eligible for Dividends for that day. For In-Play Dividends, Futures can be purchased up to Midnight and even after a player has played.


Paid out to the winning players of Media and Performance Buzz. Dividends range from 2p to 5p depending on the type of day. Dividends are automatically deposited into your Cash Balance. The running total shown in your Portfolio is purely for your records and is not a separate balance.

Dividend Payout Times

Match Day Performance and Media Dividends are paid out on the following day. Officially, the Dividends are paid out shortly after midnight, but be careful as you must still own Futures in a winning player until Dividends are actually paid - this could be several hours later so make sure you receive your Dividends before selling a player.

For In-Play Dividends (Goals, Assists and Goalkeeper Clean Sheets), these are paid out on a weekly basis during Tuesday and Wednesday. So long as you hold Futures until midnight on the day they were earned, you can sell and still claim the Dividends for the day you owned them.

Double Performance

On days where there are 5-14 eligible fixtures, the Dividend Payouts for Performance Double Match Day Rankings are as follows: 2p for Star Player, 3p for each Positional winner and 2p for the top Media Ranking player.

E is for:


It is important to know which players are eligible for each type of Dividend payout. Only players in the Top 200 are eligible for Media Ranking Dividends. Only players in the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and La Liga, plus Champions League and Europa League (along with certain special international events at Football INDEX's discretion) are eligible for Match Day and In-Play Dividends.

Europa League

Competition eligible for Performance Buzz dividends from the Group Stages onwards. Quarter Final stages onwards are automatically given Triple Performance status.

F is for:

First Team

Also known as the Top 200. In the early days of Football INDEX, the top 200 players were classed as the First Team. These are the only players who are eligible for Media Dividends. The Top 200 players are 'locked in' for 24 hours. At midnight, if there are up to 1 or 2 players who have a higher value in the Squad List than the lowest 1 or 2 players in the current Top 200, they will swap places. The Top 200 Players are always the 200 highest valued players on the INDEX taken from Midnight GMT.


Term used when buying Futures in a player with the aim to sell them in a relatively short period of time - often within minutes - for a quick Profit. This is most commonly referred to as a Quick Flip.

Football Stockmarket

The marketing term for what Football INDEX is. Whilst not strictly a stockmarket, the principles and core functionality are the same.


This number represents the overall market value of all players on the Football INDEX. The Footie began life with a base value of 1000. Whilst the exact formula and calculation for the FOOTIE is not fully explained, it offers a simple overview of the how the Market is performing and has progressed in overall value. Essentially, if the Footie is rising then the INDEX as a whole is increasing in value and the opposite if decreasing.


The term used for Shares. This is because you are placing a bet on the 'future' value of your chosen player.

G is for:

Game Winning Goal (GWG)

Type of bonus worth 40 points awarded to players who score what is classed as the winning goal in each game. Examples of this are the first goalscorer in a 4-0 win, the player who scores the winning team's second goal in a 4-1 win and the player scoring second in a 2-0 win when the first goal is an own goal. Often a deciding factor in a player winning the Performance Buzz.


Goalkeepers jointly compete with Defenders in the same Performance Buzz category. Traditionally they have struggled to be competitive in Performance Buzz.

H is for:


Never be afraid to ask for help! If you are uncertain about anything always find out the answer before making any trading decisions. Football INDEX customer support can be reached via email:, telephone: 0800 066 2650 or Twitter: @FootballIndexCS


Using historical Data can help spot trends or help identify if a player has potential for either Performance Match Day or Media Dividends.

I is for:


Always gather as much information as possible before making a trading decision. Check for news on the player via Google, Twitter, etc and check out their historical Stats and Data.


Players incurring long term injuries will often suffer drops in value. Some traders will attempt to capitalise on this in the speculation that the player will return to a previous value once back fit.

In-play Dividends (IPD or GACS)

The newest Bonus Dividends system introduced by Football INDEX. This delivers a varying payout on Futures during the first 30 days of ownership that score goals, gain assists and goalkeepers who keep a clean sheet. Only players involved in the Match Day Performance Rankings leagues are eligible. Full details of the In-Play Dividend Payout structure can be found at:

Instant Sell

Method of selling the futures you own in a player instantly but at a lower value than you would selling to Market. Also incurs a further 2% Commission.


Short for: Initial Purchase Offer. This is when new players are introduced onto the purchasable Football INDEX market. Prices can fluctuate dramatically as traders look to buy in early. New players are announced by Football INDEX approximately 24 hours before release.

J is for:


Whilst getting advice and information from various sources is important, you should always use your own Judgement when making any Trading decisions. If you can't think of a good reason to make a move, then you probably shouldn't.

K is for:

Keep Calm

It's easy to panic or make rash decisions in the heat of the moment, but always try to keep calm when making any purchase or sale actions.

L is for:

La Liga

The Spanish domestic league competition eligible for Performance Buzz dividends.


The eligible leagues for Performance Buzz are the traditional 'Top 5' in Europe: The Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga. Players from these leagues are naturally more popular and players leaving those leagues can often suffer decreases in value.

Ligue 1

The French domestic league competition eligible for Performance Buzz dividends.

Live Rankings

There are two Live Rankings tables on the Football INDEX: Media Rankings and Match Day Rankings. Media has the live table of players in the news headlines, whilst Match Day rankings become live when the first game kicks off each day and updates in close to real time with each player's Match Day Performance score.


Something everyone wants to avoid when trading on the Football INDEX. Losses are almost inevitable though, even for the most experience of Traders. Sometimes it is best to cut a loss, other times it is best to wait and see if a player's value recovers.

M is for:

Match Day Rankings (MDR)

Originally known as Performance Buzz (PB), Match Day Rankings determine which players win Match Day Dividends for Star Player, Top Defender/Goalkeeper, Top Midfielder and Top Forward.


Traders will often refer to the full selection of players available to purchase as 'the Market'. See also: Football Stockmarket; Selling to Market.

Market Value

This is the current Buy Price of Futures in a player and doubles as the current Sell to Market price.

Media Buzz (MB)

The original term for Media Rankings and will often be seen abbreviated to 'MB'. This was the foundation Dividend reward on Football INDEX and currently awards Traders with a payout of 2p per future for the Top Player on match days (Single Media). Meanwhile on non game days, Dividends are given to the top three players as 3p for 1st, 2p for 2nd and 1p for 3rd (Triple Media). See: AFINN-111 for information on how Media Rankings are calculated.

Mike Bohan

Marketing Director at Football INDEX and often at the forefront of social media, news announcements and decision maker. Mike can be followed on Twitter at @MikeB_FI.

N is for:

Negative Press

Negative press will more often than not be removed by Football INDEX (at their discretion) when it comes to Media Buzz. This is partially subjective, but on the whole criminal or non-football related negative news will usually not count towards a player's Media Buzz score. However, on pitch news - suspensions for violent conduct for example - will usually still be included.


Breaking news will often have big effects on the Market and keeping up to date with transfers, injuries or other related news items is very much advised. Football Index news announcements are made via their news website:

O is for:


Everyone has their own opinions on all things Football INDEX. From player values to why you should or shouldn't buy a player. It's great to hear different opinions, but you should always follow your own when making decisions.


The data information suppliers to Football Index for all player, team and Match Day Ranking information.

P is for:


One of the best lessons to learn on Football INDEX is to have patience. Traders often expect to see huge returns in a very short space of time due to how fast the INDEX has grown. But the reality is, you almost certainly need to have patience to see Portfolio growth. It's easy to get fed up seeing a player in the red, or not really doing anything. But patience can often pay off!

Performance Buzz (PB)

The original name for Match Day Rankings, but still commonly referred to as Performance Buzz or PB for short amongst Traders. Performance Buzz ranks all eligible players by their on-pitch performance in relation to the criteria set out by Football INDEX. Full details of the scoring matrix can be found at:

Premier League

The English domestic league competition eligible for Performance Buzz dividends.


There are two prices you need to be aware of, which are those next to each player. What can be confusing, is that the first price (in a blue box) is both the current Buy Price and the Market Sell price. The number in the pink box is the Instant Sell value. To sell to Market, you first click the Instant Sell button and then choose the 'Join Sell Queue' option.

Also remember that all sell value prices shown do not include the 2% commission fee.

Prices increase based on demand from Traders, and decrease as they are sold.


Your Portfolio contains many useful pieces of information and options. You can see at a glance the number of futures you own overall and in each player, their cost prices, current value, profit/loss and cash balance. Always keep a close eye on your Portfolio to see how your players are performing and if you need to make any trading decisions.


A relatively unused area within each player's information tabs. Originally designed as a fun way for the community to 'help out' by writing a short piece of information on each player to help other traders learn about them. However, it hasn't been updated in a long time and as such is now rather outdated.


The amount of money you make when selling the Futures you own in a player. Remember that the profit shown in your Portfolio does not include the 2% Commission fee.

Pump and Dump

As is only natural when money is involved, some traders will attempt to persuade others to purchase a player in order to increase their value, with the aim of then quickly selling to make a quick profit at the expense of those who took their advice. This is known as a Pump and Dump and is heavily looked down upon by the wider Football INDEX community.

Q is for:

Quick Flips

There are many methods to make money on the Football INDEX and one such technique is to buy Futures at an opportune moment such as when a player scores and then quickly sell within a short space of time as other traders rush to buy.

R is for:


When a player retires, or has not played football in any of the Eligible Competitions during the preceding calendar year, the rules state that Football INDEX reserve the right to remove that footballer "the day after the footballer retires or the day after that preceding calendar year expires, from the Top 200 and/or the Squad and you will not be able to place any further Bets on that footballer." If you own Futures in a player due to retire, then make sure you sell up before it's too late.

Reserve Price

Whilst the option to set a reserve price is available when selling to market, this appears to not function as intended. We would expect Football INDEX to fix this option with the new website, but for now it's safest to ignore the Reserve Price option and just keep a close eye on players you have for sale.


Whilst Football INDEX avoids many of the perils of regular betting, using the INDEX is not without risks. Remember, that you are still gambling and each purchase of Futures is officially deemed to be a bet. Understand the risks when trading on Football INDEX.

Return on Investment (ROI)

This represents the amount of profit you have made on your investments as a percentage. So for example if you begin by depositing £100 and spend it all on players. Then after one month you have earned £5 in dividends and sold some futures for a £5 profit. This would give you a return on your investment of £10 - a 10% ROI.


As with any type of game, but especially when gambling, you should be fully aware of the rules. Examples include the 2pm cut off time to be eligible to earn Media Dividends, or the criteria to claim Bonuses. Official Football INDEX Rules can be found at:

S is for:


Selling is just as important as buying on Football INDEX. You have two options when selling: To Market and Instant Sell. Both options are triggered by clicking the pink Sell button and choosing either 'Join Sell Queue' to sell your Futures to other Traders at the current Market Value, or Instant Sell at a reduced price back to Football INDEX.

Sell Queue

When you list futures to Market, they go into a Sell Queue and are thus sold in the order they are listed amongst all users. It is important to note that if you remove a player for sale, you lose your spot in the queue should you relist.

Sell to Market

The price listed as the current buy price is also the current Market sale value. Listing futures in a player on the Market will give you the best price available at the time of them being purchased by another trader.

Serie A

The Italian domestic league competition eligible for Performance Buzz dividends.

Share Split

Back in June 2016, when prices had reached a point where Football INDEX felt they were off-putting to new and existing users, they initiated what is known as a Share Split. In this instance, split all Futures by a factor of 4. So for example if you had 100 futures that were valued at £1 each, after the split you then had 400 Futures that were valued at 25p each. In-keeping with the quarter split, the (at the time only available) Media Dividend was also split by 1/4 from 20p to 5p.

On 26 March 2019 a second Share Split took place. This time Futures were split by a factor of 3. However dividends were adjusted differently to deliver an overall average increase of 28%.

Single Media

On days when there are eligible Performance Buzz fixtures, the Media Buzz is classed as Single Media. On these days, the 1st placed player in Media Buzz receives dividends of 5p per future owned.

Single Performance

On days where there are 1-4 eligible fixtures, the Dividend Payouts for Single Performance Match Day Rankings are as follows: 1p for Star Player, 2p for each Positional winner and 2p for the top Media Ranking player.


This the difference between the current Market value and Instant Sell price. Traders should be aware of large spreads as this could be an indication that the player is losing value or has a large number of Futures for sale.


Keeping a spreadsheet is a fantastic help in tracking your trading on Football INDEX. Whilst a basic spreadsheet is fine, we've built a very popular free spreadsheet that we think all Football INDEX traders will find incredibly useful. It keeps track of your portfolio, dividend winners, trading history, 30 day eligibility tracker and In-Play Dividends tracker! The spreadsheet is free to download and has an in-depth user guide found at:

Squad Players

Players listed in the Squad list are eligible for Performance Buzz and In-Play Dividends, but are excluded from Media Rankings. The Squad list contains every footballer on the INDEX who isn't currently in the Top 200.

Star Player

The player who scores the most Performance Buzz points on a given match day is the Star Player and receives a dividend in accordance with the type of day: Single Performance 2p, Double Performance 4p and Triple Performance 6p.


Football INDEX and statistics are a match made in heaven. From basic statistics such as how often a player has won the Media Rankings, to more in depth analysis such as average Performance Buzz scores. Player values are often based on statistical evidence.


It's a good idea to have a strategy when trading on the Football INDEX. There are many to choose from, such as buying potential superstars, buying the established top players, Quick Flips or Match Day trading.

T is for:

Three Year Hold

Futures may be held for a period of up to 3 years. After this time, Traders will need to sell those Futures and if desired, repurchase them at the current Market Value. Futures not sold within the three year period will expire and be forfeited.


Many profess to be Football INDEX tipsters and whilst some will certainly offer legitimate insight, most will not. Always do your own research before making the decision to purchase based on any tips or advice you receive.

Top 200

The current top 200 players by value. Formally known as the First Team. The Top 200 players are set in stone for 24 hours at the start of each day. The two highest priced Squad List players are promoted (providing their value exceeds the two lowest players on the Top 200 list) at midnight each night in order to constantly maintain the Top 200 highest priced players.

Top 5 Leagues

Performance Buzz is open to all players who play in the traditional top 5 European leagues. They are: English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1 and German Bundesliga. Players within these leagues are usually more desirable than those outside due to their ability to win Performance Buzz Dividends.


Designed as a way of allowing users with limited football knowledge a way to take part in Football INDEX trading. Trackers come in four levels: Tracker10, Tracker25, Tracker50 and Tracker100. Each of these is a snapshot of the current top 10, 25, 50 and 100 players on the Market. Buying a Tracker in any of these gives you one Future in each player of the respective Tracker. Keep in mind that you are buying the TopX players at that point in time. So it's still important to keep track of each of those players within your Tracker.


The act of buying and selling Futures of Football INDEX.

Transaction History

If you want to find out when you purchased a player, sold a player or earned dividends, you will find all of that information within the Transaction History page. You'll also have access to some useful information such as Deposit, Dividend and Withdrawal totals.


Transfers play a big part in Player valuations on Football INDEX. Transfer rumours often see an increase in a player's value. However, a player linked to a non-Performance Buzz league such as the MLS or China usually has the exact opposite effect.

Triple Media

One days where there are no eligible Performance Buzz fixtures, the Media Buzz is classed as Triple Media. Here, the top 3 placed Media Buzz players receive dividends as follows: 1st place 3p; 2nd place 2p; 3rd place 1p.

Triple Performance

On days where there are 15+ eligible fixtures, the Dividend Payouts for Triple Performance Match

Day Rankings are as follows: 2p for Star Player, 5p for each Positional winner and 2p for the top Media Ranking player.


Almost certainly the most active userbase of fellow Football INDEX traders. Important information is often announced via the official Football INDEX accounts - @FootballIndexUK and @FootballIndexCS. Again, always use caution with following tips or advice. Although most users are genuinely helpful, as always you should still do your own research.

U is for:

Use your own research

Gathering as much information as possible is always a wise idea before making any Trading decisions. Getting information from other people is a great way to learn about other players and news, however you should always do your own research before taking the plunge. Be that checking for the latest news or checking stats and data.

Using Football INDEX Abroad

You will need to be very careful when trying to use your Football INDEX account when travelling outside of the UK. Due to gambling license restrictions, you are not permitted to trade whilst outside of your registered country. You should be ok to log in to your account to check your portfolio, but trading puts your account at risk of temporary suspension.


If we refer back to the AFINN-111 entry earlier in this list, one of the key words included in the positive word list is United. Thus it's help boost Manchester United players, especially in the Index early days on Media Rankings.

V is for:


Video help guides are a great way to learn about various Football INDEX features. Footy Index Scout has produced many of these and can be found on our YouTube Channel at:


Player values can sometimes be quite volatile. Most often this is caused by serious injury or transfer speculation. At times where prices are rising or falling dramatically, it's important to remain calm and make your own decision on whether to buy or sell accordingly.

W is for:


A very handy feature to keep track of players who you are interested in buying, or simply want to track their price movements. Players are added to your Watchlist by clicking the star icon next to their name (and removed by clicking a second time).


It's easy to forget that whilst your Futures may be in a sea of green numbers, you still need to sell them and withdraw the money in order to realise that profit. Keep in mind you can only withdraw funds to the same card with which you deposited. If your card has expired or changed, you need to update it on your account by first making a deposit with your new card. You can then withdraw to the new card.

X is for:

X-Factor Players

Certain players have become INDEX icons for their ability to perform in either Media or Performance. Paul Pogba for example is one who has dominated the Media Rankings, whilst previously Zlatan Ibrahimovic held a similar role. Superstars such as Lionel Messi and Neymar have become synonymous with Performance Buzz.

Y is for:


When it comes to talking about the amount of Dividends a player has returned, Traders will often refer to this as their Yield.

Z is for:


If there is one player who will go down in Football INDEX infamy, it surely has to be Zlatan Ibrahimovic for several reasons and serves as a great history lesson for all new Traders. Zlatan was often referred to as 'King of the Index' due to his Media prowess, especially whilst at Manchester United. However, his infamous cruciate knee injury whilst playing for United in a Europa League match saw one of the biggest and fastest collapses in a player's value ever: From a price of nearly £6 to £1.20 in under 48 hours!

This should serve as a cautionary reminder that there is always the risk of a player's value collapsing in very unfortunate circumstances. Whilst the volume of traders now active on the platform eclipses the number at the time of Zlatan's injury, and thus gives more general stability, there is still the very real possibility of volatile price changes. Thus, you should always try to be aware of news surrounding players in your Portfolio.