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Posted on 22 February 2017

We have been working overtime to bring you some stats regarding the buzz in the last year. In this article we will take a look at three stand out players in the last 12 months in terms of their return on investment, a key indicator in all investments. Lets bear in mind all stats have been calculated using current player values at the time of writing so obviously player values across the last year have fluctuated. 

Maybe surprisingly, top of the list in terms of return on investment is Leicester City and 'current or former' England forward Jamie Vardy. Eighteen buzz wins in the past year, gave his owners a dividend return on investment of 95%! 

This was in no small part down to Leicester's extraordinary title win and Vardy's record breaking goal scoring run. The majority of Vardy's buzz wins came within that run and this highlights how a players form can increase their buzz potential.

Looking forward long term, in our opinion,  Vardy is a questionable investment given his and Leicester's downturn in form this season.  He could well be out of the England set up and are any of the leagues big guns really ready to shell out upwards of £20 million plus inflated wages on a potential one season wonder?

However, what these stats do is ask the question ... is there a player out there to fill Vardy's shoes this coming year and offer the same phenomenal return that he did.?

With this in mind, we will be taking a look at three potential holds for a solid buzz return in the coming year in Part 2 of our Buzz analysis.

The next future and perhaps the most notable of all,  we will look at is a player we have mentioned in a previous video, King of the index Zlatan Ibrahimovic. As far as a steady stream of dividend income goes there is no-one better than Zlatan. Forty two wins in the last year averages between 3 and 4 wins a month. With each buzz win netting a return of over 1% even at his current price, his 40 plus wins would give a minimum return on investment of 40%. 

This could prove to be a potential mental block for new traders who may not quite grasp that it's not  a £450 outlay for a fiver return on investment, but in reality more likely to be a £200 return (40 lots of £5 buzz wins) for that £450 investment. 

In our opinion it really is as simple as to say ' Get Zlatan in your portfolios'. 

Finally we will take a look at a hold that does not get the volume of buzz wins as Zlatan or many others of the higher priced players on the index, but when he wins the returns relevant to price are impressive.  Arsenals Granit Xhaka is never far away from a red card or a long range wonder goal, and when one of these inevitabilities happen he is usually not that far from a buzz win. Three wins in 12 months gives a tasty return on investment of just under 29% - only 10% away from Zlatan. This is a result of his more than affordable price of 52 pence. Anything like this price and we recommend loading up on his futures and let's hope for some red cards and thunderbolts.   

For a full run down on players ROI's in the past year click here for a link to our full list. We have also given our recommendations on who to hold and who to avoid  when considering buzz return. 

Let us know in the comments below what you think of these players and if they have given you a good return over the past 12 months.

Part 2 of our Buzz Analysis can be found here.


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