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Posted on 12 February 2020

Hello again! A rough week with my portfolio taking a bit of a pasting in the market over the last week, most notably my biggest holds of Sterling and Kroos. Whilst disheartening, in Kroos’ case I have the upmost faith in the Euros and Champions League for him to rise again as his PB stats over the course of the entire season have been immense, and it’s made me realise that Sterling has been a bit of a dead hold since around December, so I’ve made the decision to put 50 in the sell queue so he’s not as big a part of my port (Even after that he’ll still be my biggest holding pound wise!)



FOYTH x200




JOTA x30



Not too much deep content for my sells this week - Ounas was already on my radar to get rid of following a very decent rise in him. At the end of the day I teetered to selling due to his lack of Euros and the fact that I held through two separate decent rises. Too many times I’ve been caught holding for too long leading to depreciation and this has felt like the right time to sell.

This sale has been similar to Renato Sanches and Benjamin Parvard in that it ended up being a short term hold due to making more profit than expected quicker than expected, the difference being I had 250 shares in him as opposed to holding 100 shares in the others, making this quite a profitable short term trade for me!

As for Foyth I did something I haven’t done in an age and instant sold him. Upon reflecting I don’t think he’ll make his way back into the Spurs team despite our defensive woes and no Euros is a killer. From January rumours it seems the only move he would make is a downward move, so I took the small extra loss to get out quicker as I don’t see any buyers anytime soon - a disappointing end to a once promising player for me!

In terms of the new players for the port, I’ve went in on Andre Silva due to his recent upturn in form in 2020. With Euros involvement for Portugal, an uncertain summer future and a drop from around £1.30, I would be happy with him getting back to that price come the Euros (a 30% rise would be nothing to sniff at!) and if he keeps up his recent form I believe the market will catch onto him as they look for cheaper Euros holds.

As for Quaison, his recent hat trick was an anomaly and won’t happen often which I accept, but his goals record over the course of the season makes him an ideal IPD pick. Another with Euros involvement for Sweden (increasingly important for me as it provides an easy reason for traders to buy players come the end of the domestic season), and some EPL links to fall back on, Quaison is another player I’d be very satisfied to hit around a 30% rise on, especially in the wake of recent weeks for my portfolio!


WORTH: £13,980.77