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Posted on 09 September 2019

Hello again! Possibly the slowest week since I started blogging, with no sells or buys! During the international break I wanted to take things a little slower with my portfolio and evaluate how various players are doing for their country, as the Euros will be a huge part of the index this summer.

Now has posed a good opportunity to ‘scout’ a few potential players, whilst also seeing how my own portfolio reacts to these international fixtures.

So instead of a portfolio update, I thought I would once again share a couple of players that I’m looking to get on. As my strategy changes to wanting loads of shares in fewer players, I’ll probably have to wait to sell a player in my portfolio to get on these players, rather than sticking some dividend change on a few shares in them.


Ruiz is my primary focus for one big reason - his baseline scores are almost as good as a Pjanic/Brozovic this season, but he’s only 23. He is a fan of long range efforts, having scored a couple this summer in the under 21s tournament, and for me I believe it’ll be a matter of when, not if he gets a big score and wins PB.

I would say he needs to push a bit more forward to be a consistent PB contender, but time is on his side and he’s in a dominant Napoli team that could gear up a title challenge this season. I’m making more of a conscious effort to branch outside into leagues that I don’t have many players in (specifically the Italian and French league) and Ruiz suits as one of the best young players I could find in Italy.

As well as this, he’s starting to get minutes in the Spanish senior team so if he performs well for Napoli, he could be a regular for Spain come the Euros, and a young player in a strong European team is a strong trend fit on FI. The biggest downside is his price at £2.05, but I’m confident in both his PB prospects and further capital appreciation, the perfect combo!


Correa is very different in to Ruiz in that he has no Euros next summer, is slightly older at 25 and is only 98p, less than half Ruiz’s price! He is a solid choice for me at Lazio, as from the stats he’s had very strong goal threat and assist potential throughout pre-season and the opening 2 Serie A games.

This is admittedly as shorter term hold as the idea is to buy plenty, wait until he gets a strong score or a couple of goals (which I anticipate based on the stats), then sell on from people buying in after the good performance.

At under £1 CA after a good performance is likely, his price could probably get pumped up just by people looking for IPDs! Beyond this though I’ll be looking at selling him around December/January, as he won’t be a trend fit come the Euros, and I don’t want to be holding too many players that won’t be playing PB matches over the summer.


Guedes to me is like a slightly inferior Ruiz, and his price (£1.40) reflects that. He’s 22 and playing in La Liga for Valencia (a decent if not top team in a difficult CL group with Chelsea, Ajax and Lille).The primary issue for Guedes is that Parejo is still the main man there.

This is more of a long term hold for me though as if Parejo leaves, Guedes is definitely the pick of the team for me as he has decent involvement and stats. There’s a lot of potential to Guedes for me. Along with this, he plays for Portugal (even scoring for them last game against Serbia), and if he starts firing more goals in he is a very strong trend fit for this summer, and whilst his price is still relatively low, I see him as a worthy punt.


I like having variety in my portfolio, and Mahrez is very different from the other picks I’ve mentioned today. Like Correa, he has no Euros this summer and at 28, he’ll be one of the older players in my portfolio, but his ability cannot be ignored. Whilst the majority of City players have issues with rotation, I’m anticipating Mahrez to get a few monster scores this season, having recently achieved a score of 193 without a goal or assist!

When you play for a team as dominant as City, winning PB is always within the realm of possibility. His price at £1.30 is also attractive, especially in a league as media dominant as the prem, so he could even have a very outside chance of winning MB. The final reason I’ve chosen him as a target is that he’s classified as a forward whereas the other players in this blog have all been midfielders. It’s more likely that he can win PB as a forward, as there’s less competition, and with such big involvement he just needs a goal or an assist to really contend for PB.

Admittedly all of this sounds great, but he’s not an on trend player and by the summer will probably be consistently dropping in price due to not playing PB games. As well as this, there is no guarantee that he will be playing consistently, especially if last season is anything to go by and with all the quality City have, but for the potential to become a PB machine given regular minutes and the relatively kind price, I’d be happy to take a punt on him, let’s just hope City make it to the CL final so he can get as many games as possible!


WORTH: £11,457