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Posted on 12 August 2019

Hello again! With the return of the PB leagues it’s been another busy week for my portfolio, with a few new players added based on what I believe to be their potential PB credentials under the new matchday matrix.



  • SALAH x10
  • JUAN FOYTH x30
  • KANE x20
  • DELE ALLI x50


  • ERIKSEN x110
  • FIRMINO x50

There’s a lot to get through today so I’ll start by briefly talking about my sells. Firstly, I acknowledge that I’ve went back on my position on Pepe that I stated last week. I changed my mind and thought that whilst he was a premium price, I would rather take advantage of having so much capital in him and investing it elsewhere than taking a gamble on whether he would dominate at Arsenal or not.

As for Eriksen, I still hold 100 of him as he is still a strong performer under the new matrix, but following the insane rise in his price I sold 60, and held to see where his price would go, and following the drop after it was revealed United were no longer going for him I sold another 50. Overall this averages out, but I’m in a decent profit on him regardless and whilst I’m sure he’ll rise again as interest in his next club surfaces (if he continues to not sign a contract), I again wanted the money to invest elsewhere.

Florain Thauvin has been in my portfolio for a while but with a move looking unlikely and Marseille not in Europe this season, his chances of winning PB diminish purely down to the fact he has less potential games to win, so I’ve shifted focus to more European players whilst I can still sell for a profit (I do have 35 left on the sell list, but I’m sure they’ll be gone by next week).

As for Firmino, whilst he has been the budget pick of Liverpool’s front 3, his stats haven’t impressed enough for me to be convinced to buy more. Only having 50 of him means that when he does win dividends (He is still a solid pick as he’s likely to win dividends at some point this season), it’s not much and if I’m not convinced to strengthen my position on him, then the money can be better used elsewhere.

As for purchases, I thought I’d give a brief rundown for why I’ve either strengthened or started investing in them.

SALAH - Same logic as last week, only a slight further investment but will be looking to get on more over the next few weeks, surprisingly enough won PB on Friday! With that said it was a weak score that would be unlikely to win on a typical double or treble day, but encouraging to see that he could start the season well.

BERNARDO SILVA - Still quite confident in Silva’s position within the team though didn’t start against West Ham. The new matrix should benefit him in terms of dribbles and key passes, actions that I’m sure he’ll get to perform a lot under a City team that looks as dominant as ever.

JUAN FOYTH - The hope is he won’t be out for too long and I want to get a fair amount of him before he receives the seemingly inevitable rise that players usually experience as they come back from an injury. Still a speculative pick but Poch’s faith in youth gives me hope that he’ll start to become a regular starter, especially given Spurs’ worrying future lack of depth in centreback/rightback positions. The worry will be if Spurs sign a star defender in January that may kick Foyth off his place, but that’s a long way away.

JULIAN DRAXLER - A new addition, Draxler is a player with his prime years ahead of him in a very dominant PSG side. Whilst the new matrix seemingly won’t benefit him too much, his 3 positional wins last year make him a viable pick for the price. In the age of huge capital gains in this growing market, I imagine just one high score and PB win for Draxler will send his price flying, where I’ll re-evaluate the hold. The issue here is he plays a lot as a sub (13 out of the last 39 games), and isn’t exactly a prolific goalscorer. Regardless, for me he’s worth waiting for that ‘One Special Game’.

MANUEL AKANJI - I topped up on him to take advantage of the mild drop in him, still very confident he’ll return my faith in him with some dividend wins over the next season and age isn’t a concern.

KANE - One of my main holds, he’s got a lot of goal threat and is always good for a shout at media- with Euro 2020 coming in the Summer, I can’t think of a reason not to hold him this season other than his high price preventing significant investment. With 250 shares in him now though, that’s no longer a problem for me.

JONATHAN TAH - Brief top up on another strong defender, similar to Akanji I’m looking forward to the occasional win (That is if Kimmich doesn’t clean up every defender dividend this season! May have to re-evaluate Kimmich as I’ve went so hard on top quality defenders it doesn’t make sense to not have to very top one, but the big price rise and danger of a positional reclassification still worry me after last time)

DELE ALLI - A top up on an injured player, he could be set for another fantastic season or he could be set for a decline, his constant injuries are a worry to me, so I’ll be watching closely to see how he gets on when he’s back.

GRANIT XHAKA - Another new investment, Xhaka’s long balls make him a little under-priced in my eye after the matrix change. Not expecting much, I’d be happy with a lucky dividend win or 2 from him this season.

KINGSLEY COMAN - I Still believe he’s set for an immensely good season with Bayern, even with Perisic potentially arriving.

TEJI SAVANIER - Another new addition, he looks like he’ll benefit hugely from the new matrix changes and will contend for dividends a lot more than he used to. He has experienced a huge rise because of this though, and he will be at a new team this season, so this is more of a gamble based on last season’s data. Perhaps not the smartest investment, but I’m looking at constant dividends this season and based on the stats last season, he could be a player to deliver them. Also always nice to have an outstanding player at a weaker side, instead of constantly pinning all my hopes onto the biggest teams week in week out.


WORTH: £9724.65