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Posted on 25 June 2017

Manchester City appear on the verge of completing what would surely be one of the most surprising transfers of the summer. Numerous reports suggest that Juventus' superstar fullback Dani Alves is next on Pep Guardiola's City revolution shopping list.

After City had a cull in releasing players such as Pablo Zabaleta, Gael Clichy and Bacary Sagna, it's left them in much need of quality replacements in the full back department. Dani Alves certainly falls into this department. After leaving Barcelona to join Juventus only last summer, it's come as quite a surprise to see him already seeking a move to another club. This is especially true after having a very successful season with Juventus in which they reached the Champions League final - something Alves was key in making happen.

Seeing Dani Alves in the Premier League next season should excite plenty of football fans and of course, City in particular.

So what will Dani Alves bring to Manchester City and what can he offer the club in order to improve their chances of a title challenge? The most obvious plus points that Alves brings is his wealth of experience and winning mentality. Whilst City have been no strangers to silverware in recent times, it's also no lie to say that they have underperformed in the past few seasons.

Despite spending big on transfer fees and wages, City still have an air of naivety about their play. Often looking as though they are lacking in the kind of experience brought about by consistent European competition and league titles. Alves will command instant respect and influence in the dressing room and should provide a key ally to his former manager. Young players such as John Stones will surely seek to learn from Alves and can only improve themselves by doing so.

As we have already mentioned, the fact Dani Alves has already played hundreds of matches under Pep Guardiola at Barcelona makes him ideal for the City project. He will already be familiar with Pep's tactics and coaching style making what could be a tricky transition to the Premier League that much easier.

Whilst there are many positives for City and Guardiola in this transfer, there is one obvious downside and that is the players age. At 34 years of age, City are getting Alves in the twilight of his career. Whilst he has undoubtedly kept in tremendous shape and looked after himself, the demands of a Premier League season is not something to take lightly. This is especially true when you consider that City have just released the aforementioned names of a similar age and who were already accustomed to the Premier League.

Even if, as we have little doubt, Alves performs superbly for City, we have to question if they would get much more than a single season from him. Maybe this is something they are happy to live with, especially if he helps them to reach that next level of success. In an age where owners are demanding more and more instant success to show for their investments, maybe a single season is all City require from a player of Alves' quality.

When it comes to the Football Index, Dani Alves has just been promoted to the first team, purely down to his imminent signing for City. Settling at around the £1.10 mark. As we have seen in the past, this is on the high side for any defender on the Index so we must be a little wary of his current value.

Add to this the undoubted fact that Manchester City players perform shockingly bad on the Football Index with just 18 club Buzz wins since day one, we have to question how many Buzz wins Alves might be expected to achieve. With this in mind, we have to suggest being very cautious about holding Alves for any length of time beyond him signing on the dotted line. A maximum value of around 70p would seem fair for him during the season. But for football fans in general, we're sure you'll agree in saying we look forward to seeing such a great player in the Premier League next season!


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