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Posted on 12 March 2020

As the dreaded Coronavirus continues to spread globally, it was only a matter of time until football has become seriously affected. With recent news that Italy have suspended all Serie A matches until 3 April at the earliest, Spanis La Liga now also postponed for ‘at least two rounds and French leagues currently due to play games behind closed doors. Even the Premier League is starting to feel the effects with Manchester City v Arsenal recently postponed.

With all this in mind, Football Index have put into place their contingency plan to help maintain market stability and give traders a tremendous boost.

There are three parts to the update – a trading bonus, an increase in dividends and finally a lowering of the threshold for each type of Match Day. Let’s look at all three in detail, starting with the trading bonus.

This bonus runs from 10 March 2020 until 23 April 2020 and delivers an 8.25% cash bonus back on all Net Buys during the period. So, for example, if you brought £5,000 worth of shares during this period and sold £2,500, your Net Buy eligible total to receive 8.25% bonus would be £2,500.

Traders can claim up to a huge £1,500 cash bonus with this promotion.

Football Index Net Trades Cash Bonus Information

As we are already seeing with not just games, but entire leagues being postponed due to COVID-19, Football Index have taken the welcomed decision to lower the threshold on the number of games required for each level of Match Day.

Under normal circumstances, Bronze Match Days were 1-4 games, Silver Match Days were 5-14 games and Gold Match Days feature 15 and above matches. This has now been revised so that Bronze is active for 1-3 matches, Silver triggers at 4-9 matches and Gold comes into play at 10+ games.

This part of the promotion is scheduled to run from now until the end of the current season.

Finally, we have the fantastic news that from 10 March 2020 until 3 April 2020, ALL dividends are being doubled. This includes all media, match and in-play dividends! This means that on Gold Match days, Star Players will take home a gigantic 32p per share owned.

This also makes Media a lot more attractive with a daily dividend of 6p available on Match Days and 10p, 6p and 2p on Media days.

Whilst these promotions and precautions are all excellent and welcome additions, traders are still evidently being very wary and cautious in the days since the announcement. This has culminated in a further update from Football Index CEO Adam Cole to remind traders that all bets on the Index are for 3 years and underpinned by the value of the dividend yield.

This comes after news of yet more high-profile postponements, resulting in traders rushing to sell shares amidst the panic. Football Index have reacted by implementing some very strong spreads, such as new Media golden boy, Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes who at the time of writing has a buy price of £9.39 and an instant sell price of £5.63 – a spread of £3.76!

Bruno Fernandes Spread on Football Index

We would echo the words of Adam Cole here though and would fully expect trading to return to a much more stable state soon enough as the situation becomes clearer in the outside world.

Football and indeed Football Index is a global community and we would also like to take this opportunity to send our best wishes to everyone effected by the virus.

For more information on the current promotions follow the below link for full terms and conditions on the Football Index website: