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Posted on 24 April 2020

As we approach the end of April and head towards May, Football Index have announced an update to their current promotions and game rules in light of the effects COVID-19 is still having around the globe.

With only the Bundesliga currently looking to resume fixtures from 9 May 2020 in an effort to complete the league season, it is perhaps no real surprise that Football Index have decided to continue with the set of promotions currently in place.

Let’s recap those promotions.

Due to the almost inevitable loss of any other live games beyond potentially the Bundesliga, the Top 5 Media payouts will continue through the full month of May. This appears to suggest that even if Germany do play matches in May, traders will still benefit from the increased Media dividends on offer every day.

Along with this, the extended Media Deadline has also been continued. Again, until the end of May traders will be able to purchase shares in players up until 8pm BST and still be eligible to win dividends on that day for Media placings.

Finally, Football Index have reaffirmed the new lower the threshold on the number of games required for each level of Match Day.

Under normal circumstances, Bronze Match Days were 1-4 games, Silver Match Days were 5-14 games and Gold Match Days feature 15 and above matches. This has now been revised so that Bronze is active for 1-3 matches, Silver triggers at 4-9 matches and Gold comes into play at 10+ games.

This part of the promotion is scheduled to run from whenever league football returns until they are concluded.

Finally, for those reading this article on the day of publication, Football Index are currently running a 10k Prize Drop. Traders simply need to purchase £10 worth of shares before midnight on 24 April 2020 to be entered into the prize draw which will take place on 25 April 2020. The top prize is £5000 with further cash prizes of £1000, £500 and £250 for those traders lucky enough to be winners. No opt in is required.

Whilst the lack of live football has undoubtedly caused issues for Football Index, the promotions in place have certainly proven to be great ways of keeping the market stimulated an indeed thriving as has been evident during the month of April so far.

For more information on the current promotions follow the below link for full terms and conditions on the Football Index website: