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Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil To Be Sold in January to Manchester City and United?

Posted on 15 October 2017

We're only into October and yet there are already big transfer rumours rumbling on. In particular, some of those big money deals that didn't manage to cross the line back in September.

Two of these deals are at Arsenal, where star players Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are being linked with moves in January. It's well known that both of these high profile players are in the final year of their contracts. This means that unless Arsenal can convince either or both of them to sign new deals, January will be the last opportunity they have to demand a transfer fee.

With both players suggested to have had big money contracts worth between £250,000 and £300,000 a week offered to them earlier this year, it would certainly appear that neither are particularly  interested in putting pen to paper to extend their stay. In a recent press conference, Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has finally admitted that it now may be the correct decision to allow both Ozil and Sanchez to be sold in January. Considering that Manchester City were willing to offer £60m for Sanchez on deadline day in the summer, it's fair to say that Arsenal could still demand a hefty sum for their Chilean star.


Indeed, the reports emerging are that City are eager to resurrect the deal with Pep Guardiola still a keen admirer. And with money virtually no object for the blue half of Manchester, it seems likely that Arsenal would still do very well out of any deal. As is well known, the deal for City to sign Sanchez on deadline day was very close to taking place. With a £60m fee agreed between the clubs, the deal only fell through due to the Gunner's failure to lure Thomas Lemar away from Monaco.

Whether Arsenal will return for Lemar in January too remains to be seen. However, we would highly expect Arsenal and City to work on the deal in January regardless of a replacement being brought in.

When it comes to Ozil, there are two strong destinations being suggested. One is a move away from the Premier League to Italian giants Inter Milan. Inter appear to have been looking to make a big statement signing for a while now, with players such as Angel Di Maria being linked during the summer window. Signing Mesut Ozil would definitely fit the bill for them and Arsenal would definitely prefer to sell outside of the Premier League.

However, the sticking point of any deal with Inter may just be the very interesting rumours that Jose Mourinho is still a big fan of Ozil and would like to take him to Old Trafford. After flourishing under Mourinho at Real Madrid before being sold to Arsenal, it would make perfect sense that both manager and player would love to link up again. And if Mourinho could once again turn Ozil into one of the world's best, we're pretty sure he would be more than enjoy putting one over his long standing adversary Wenger!

There could be some sticking points in a deal for Ozil to United though. Not least, would Arsenal be willing to strengthen not one, but two of their league rivals in the same transfer window?

We know they are more than open to selling to league rivals of course and in fact have quite a strong history of selling to Manchester City in fairly recent years. Clichy, Adebayor, Nasri and Kolo Toure have all made the switch to wear sky blue shirts under Wenger's reign. But to sell to two league rivals in the space of 31 days in January may be too much for the fans or board to accept.

So whilst the move for Alexis Sanchez would seem highly likely - especially if City cough up anywhere close to the £60m they offered in January - it may hinder Ozil's move to the red side.

The other sticking point could be down to something much more important in today's modern game: money. Whilst there is no doubt that Sanchez is worth £60m in today's inflated market, even with only 6 months left on his contract. The truth is that Ozil has been exceedingly poor in comparison to his top form of previous seasons. Thus, would United be willing to pay the kind of money that would sway both Wenger and the board's minds into selling? There's no doubt that if Mourinho can once again get the best out of Ozil, it would be money well spent. But it will undoubtedly be seen as a gamble.

When it comes to both players values on the Football Index, these potential transfers can only mean very good news for traders.

As we saw last season, Sanchez won a mighty 23 Media Buzz wins many of which were down to his contract situation rather than for his on pitch performances. Meanwhile Ozil won 9 which, whilst not as impressive, we need to remember this was pre-triple dividend payouts.

The key part of this is that the two players more often than not get credited in the same news stories. This means that there is often good chances of both players hitting up two places in the top three. We only need to look at the Philippe Coutinho transfer saga to Barcelona in the summer to see how the dividend wins can soon mount up when players are constantly in the media linked with transfers.

The other good news, especially for Sanchez is that remaining in the Premier League will help maintain their media presence. However, it would remain to be seen if even Alexis Sanchez would help City and their lack of media buzz wins!

Performance wise, it's almost certain that Sanchez at City would prove to be pure gold. Meanwhile, and again there's a lot of ifs, but as we keep alluding, if Mourinho could return Ozil to his assist machine days, then he too could prove to be an excellent Performance Buzz player. And at Inter, he may even prove to be an even bigger asset as the league pace will suit his style.


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