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It's no big secret that Manchester United players have historically dominated the Media Buzz on Football INDEX. Former star players Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic racked up over 100 wins between them, whilst Alexis Sanchez can attribute many of his 60 1st places to United transfer links.But there's one player who eclipses them all and that man is of course Paul Pogba. Having long been the player with most Media Buzz wins on Football INDEX, he's now set another record by becoming the first player to notch up 100 1st Place wins. And with the current media storm between himself and United boss Jose Mourinho, it seems pretty guaranteed Pogba will continue to dominate.Pogba's first Media Buzz win came back....

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Footy Index Scout provides the essential tools and resources to aid your decision making on the Football Index.

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Football Index is the world’s first football stock market where you buy and sell 'Futures' in real life footballers.

Investing on the Football Index is the perfect place to turn your football knowledge into profit. The price of a footballer's ‘Future’ is determined by demand within the market.

Therefore, the more traders invest into the footballer, the higher their stock rises!

There are two ways to maximise returns. One: Earn daily dividends, based upon media popularity and on pitch performance.  And two: buy and sell futures on the market.

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