Lionel Messi The First £9 Player on Football IndexWe've seen some pretty big milestones hit on the Football Index in recent times with so many records being set and broken as player values sky rocket. The latest however is surely the most impressive as the one and only Lionel Messi has crashed through the £9 barrier.

Despite being arguably the greatest player of all time, the Index hasn't always been so kind to Messi. Whilst media buzz ruled the roost, it has more often than not been arch rival Cristiano Ronaldo who stole the limelight with his much greater public profile.

The introduction of Performance Buzz has thus been the making of Messi on the Football Index. No longer relying on newspaper column inches to offer investors a return on their money, he's romped his way to numerous Performance wins to already lead the charts by a distance.

The other perhaps telling side to Messi's story on the Index has been the introduction of triple tiered Media Buzz. Despite still only pulling in a total of 11 first place wins with 3 of those coming this season, it's the runner up positions that have helped him keep the dividends piling in.

With two 2nd places and five 3rd place finishes this season, its shows that perhaps Messi had always been a 'nearly man' in the past. Indeed, his lifetime return of 151,500 points ranks him 8th overall despite only being 20th on the leading 1st place winners table.

When Diego Costa in 7th with a shade over 12,000 points more, has managed nearly triple the wins with 32 all time 1st place finishes, it shows how Messi has often failed to convert decent daily point scores into wins.

Messi 12 Months Graph.jpg

This is excellently demonstrated by taking a look at his price graphs. 12 months ago back during the single media buzz payout period, Messi was decidedly overlooked. Even at a price of around £1.40, he actually looked quite overvalued!

But as we move forward and begin entering the announcement of triple media and the addition of Performance Buzz, investors soon woke up to his potential. An increase to around £4.20 was more than warranted and those who took the early plunge are now reaping the benefits as we see his price leap to £9.

With an increase of 25p in under 24 hours to take him over the threshold, we have to ponder what his limit will be and if he can keep going towards the magical £10 mark.

The signs are very positive for this. Whilst in the past when players have hit landmarks such as Zlatan or Griezmann, there has always been an air of concern about if they could maintain it. Zlatan due to his age and Griezmann based purely on his potential Manchester United transfer.

But with Messi, this would appear to not be such an issue. Injuries aside, it would be incredible if he suddenly bombed in form. Meanwhile he's unlikely to leave Barcelona any time soon and even if that were to happen, the media circus over his destination would go into overdrive.

Messi 24Hour Graph.jpg

Already leading the Performance Buzz charts with 4 best overall player and 6 best forward wins this season, this is double his nearest rival in both categories.

Combined with his Media returns, that totals a huge 78p dividend return already. With the imminent arrival of Performance Buzz dividends being doubled, Messi could prove to be a literal cash machine over the course of this season.

Even at his current £9 value, 78p represents a return on your investment of 8.6% which is impressive by anyone's standards.

Of course nothing is guaranteed on the Index but right now Messi is easily justifying his price point and is finally getting the recognition his incredible talent deserves.

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