Football Index Performance Buzz Preview Week 3 - Champions League!

After enjoying a nice spell of Triple Media Buzz payouts during the International fortnight, we're now heading into a lengthy spell of Performance Buzz days.

Not only do we have league football back to awaken us from the slumber of some questionable national team displays, but the return of elite European competition with the Champions League. Oh and also the Europa League too.

PB Week Chart.jpg

In this episode of our Performance Buzz preview series, we'll take a look at some key fixture days and highlight some players in which you may wish to consider picking up for a potential dividend return.

With European fixtures in mid week, this means that a lot of players will potentially be playing two games, with the added bonus of much less competition during the cup games.

This is especially true in the far less congested goalkeeper and defensive category, where there are two stand out teams to consider.

On the September 10, there are 20 matches being played which means a juicy Triple Buzz payout, however there are relatively few players on the Index top 200 list who may be involved.

The bulk of the matches are in Italy where only two teams have players represented - AC Milan with goalkeeper Donnarumma and Real Madrid with defensive trio Sergio Ramos, Marcelo and Raphael Varane.

Real Madrid players look a very nice option all round when considering the players who are offering competition. Midfield in particular is an area where previous winner Toni Kroos will be looking to claim another win along with team mates Luka Modric and superstar in the making Marco Asencio.

These players all have the potential for a double win in their respective European games later in the week. Fast forward to AC Milan's Europa League game on the 14th versus Austria Vienna, where Donnarumma's only competition are players from Arsenal and Everton. However there may be a slight curveball in this mix, as it's looking highly likely that team mate Leonardo Bonucci will be getting promoted this coming Friday.

For Madrid, a home tie against Apoel Nicosia looks extremely favourable in comparison to Liverpool's tie against Sevilla, City away to Feyenoord and Spurs facing Borussia Dortmund on that daunting Wembley pitch.

Of course, the one drawback to teams having midweek European fixtures is the possibility of key players being rested for either of the games. This is especially true for Real Madrid where they have a squad more than capable of claiming victory in both games with heavily rotated players. Donnarumma should prove a safe bet to play in both, but we're yet to see a goalkeeper make a strong run at winning the Performance Buzz and so it will be interesting to see if how his points tally up.

One goalkeeper who is guaranteed a win however is West Ham's on loan England keeper, Joe Hart. On September 11, West Ham take on Huddersfield Town in the Premier League Monday Night Football.

With only one other fixture taking place in Spain in a game where no Index top 200 players feature, this means Hart is the only defensive player taking part. Even a 5-0 thrashing can't stop him winning!

This also means that the striker category is another where there is an almost guaranteed winner in Javier Hernandez. With the only other competition being team mate Andy Carroll who is currently recovering from a groin strain and may miss the game.

And just for good measure, Michail Antonio is also a lock for the midfielder category as team mate Lanzini joins Carroll on the injury list.

There are a couple of drawbacks the lack of fixtures on Monday though, with the first being no winner in the midfielder category. The second is worth considering before picking up Hart or Hernandez if you don't already own them. And that is because for a 2p dividend win, it could soon get wiped away if other traders were to sell after their dividends are paid.

The final date to look at where you'll have to be quick, but on September 8 a small set of just 4 fixtures means that once again PSG will be looking to put a stranglehold on the Performance Buzz charts.

Defenders Dani Alves and Thiago Silva have the defensive category to themselves. Midfield trio Marco Verratti, Julian Draxler and Angel Di Maria face their only competition in RB Leipzig's Naby Keita. Whilst the striker category looks the most fiercely contested with Neymar, Kylian Mbappe and Edinson Cavani looking to prove who is the big dog in France. Meanwhile Timo Werner will be looking to crash the PSG party.

Whilst again this is only a Single PB payday, the reasons to potentially dive into any of the PSG or Red Bull players is multiplied by both teams involvement in the Champions League later next week. They are also safer long term bets compared to the West Ham players for future games.