Football Index Performance Analysis Dybala, Insigne and Mbappe Passing Comparison

Previously, we looked at the comparative passing stats between global superstars Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo. It was then suggested to us by our friend, the one and only Real Trader of the Month, Ross Dyer, to put these numbers up against 3 up and coming stars. The names suggested were Juventus' Paulo Dybala, Napoli's Lorenzo Insigne and PSG big money signing Kylian Mbappe.

All three of these names have picked up one best forward win with Dybala also recently firing his way to best overall player in Juve's 3-1 away win over Sassuolo. Dybala helped himself to a hat-trick which makes it an ideal game to compare with the game we highlighted previously for Messi.

We'll also once again study recent league games along with the most recent midweek Champions League games for each player.

So let's kick things off with Dybala in that win over Sassuolo. Driving home with a score of 275 points, 160 of those were from his 3 goals plus the 40 point winning goal bonus. But what about his passing stats, which is after all what we're mainly interested in.

Dybala Stats Table.jpg

He could perhaps be best described as having a very tidy game. 45 passes attempted, 7 of which were misplaced and added decent number of 3 crosses. This resulted in a passing accuracy of 84% and a total passing score of 33.

If we look at other games, we can see this is a very consistent set of scores. He isn't a pass machine, but he's more involved than say Ronaldo. He's also very precise with an average percentage of completed passes of 86%.

His average passing score of 29 puts him into the same bracket as Neymar, but this is from a much lower number of attempted passes.

Next let's look at the one who is most associated with putting in a high number of passes, Napoli's Lorenzo Insigne. His Forward winning score of 194 in the Serie A game versus Verona back in August is highly notable due to the fact he won top Forward despite not scoring a single goal. He attempted a Neymar-esque 76 passes in the game, however unlike the Brazilian superstar, Insigne managed to maintain a passing average of 84%.

Insigne Stats Table.jpg

Somewhat curiously, this was actually one of his lowest passing score returns in the sample of games we picked, but if we look at those numbers it is very much in keeping with his overall passing completion rate of 85% and from high number of attempted passes.

What does immediately standout though is his game versus Sampdoria where he picked out a stupendous 88 of 102 attempted passes - thus still maintaining that mid-80's completion percentage.

Finally, let's take a look at the wildcard of this selection in new PSG megabucks signing Kylian Mbappe.

Mbappe Stats Table.jpg

It's a little tougher to compare his recent games as he is yet to play more than a few games for PSG and so as we will soon see, his stats playing for Monaco potentially skew his overall results.

But before then, let's look at his best Forward winning game - the 5-0 tanking of Metz.

In this game Mbappe attempted 49 passes and misplaced 7 of them giving an overall percentage of 86 - looking good so far. However, this may not be totally the rule.

As we expand his recent games, we can see that apart from yet another very one sided game v Celtic, his numbers are more towards Ronaldo territory than that of Messi. This is especially true in his two games whilst playing for Monaco where, well let's just say they are nothing to suggest the transfer fee that would soon arrive.

However, it's perhaps very telling that we have both a Monaco and PSG game versus Metz on our recent games table. Whilst playing for Monaco, he attempted less than half the number of passes in which he did playing for his new club.

This may well indicate bright things to come for Mbappe as he gets used to playing with a more consistent team who dominate the game in most fixtures they play.

Still for now, it's quite an interesting look at these three players and to compare them not only to each other but briefly against the undoubted world's best in Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo.

So what conclusions can we draw from this? Well, as we suggested in the previous video that on the whole it will still most likely be goals scored that brings home the prizes for these players. However, as Insigne has proven, having the ability to supply a high number of accurate passes can still be the decisive factor.

It will certainly be interesting to see how these players perform over the course of the season and what awards they can pick up along the way.

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