Football Index - HUGE NEWS!

This will be quite a brief article, but we're so giddy at the news broken by Football Index CEO Adam Cole, that we had to share the good news!

As you have may have been aware of for some time, Football Index has been promising a round of TV advertising. Last week, we got a teaser of information that adverts would start this week and appear on ITV.

Today we had the big reveal of where and when! In what certainly came to us as a surprise, this will actually be more than just a TV advert that might be skipped over or missed whilst making a cup of tea. Instead, the huge announcement is that Football Index will be sponsoring the UEFA Europa League highlights programming on ITV from this coming Thursday until the end of the season!

Considering that Index kings, Manchester United are still heavily involved in the competition, it's not unreasonable to consider that we could be seeing United in the Europa League final and in front of a huge audience on ITV's free to air highlights package.

In Adam Cole's own words, "Football Index is the official broadcast sponsors of the show". We presume this will mean spots leading into and out of each advert break, plus the start and end of the program.

Keep in mind that the Europa League is currently at the Quarter Final stage. With both the Quarter Finals and Semi Finals being played over two legs, that equals five nights of TV programming in which Football Index will be a prominent sponsor.

As to how this will affect prices, we will have to wait and see. But considering there was steady growth after the radio advertising earlier this year, a similar increase has to be expected.

We also have the teaser information from Adam Cole's follow up Tweet in which suggests they have further exciting news still to announce. Whether or not this ties in deeper with the Europa League sponsorship remains to be seen, but either way, it certainly looks like the Index is in for a healthy boost in the near future.

So the question is, who will you be looking to stock up in preparation? Will you be looking to invest in the stand out buzz winners, or more likely to take punts on those with lots of transfer speculation on the horizon?

Let us know with a comment on YouTube or send us a message on Twitter!

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